L-Glutamine Benefits for Bodybuilding – Effective Results or NOT??

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid which build block of protein. It plays a main role in anti-catabolism, cell volumizing, as well as protein metabolism. It improves the ability to secrete HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This type of hormone helps metabolize the fat in body and help new muscle growth in the body. It has an anti-catabolism capability which prevents your muscles breakdown.

If you want to do good performance, then it is required for your body. It is a well known fact that the small intestines need a plenty of Glutamine in the body. Moreover, your immune system requires Glutamine as the levels of this amino acid exhaust during exercise. It is said to be noted that the Bodybuilders are more susceptible to sickness so it is very necessary to use L-Glutamine to attain more muscle as well as maintenance effects of Glutamine.


 If you are not taking Glutamine, perhaps you must consider it after going through the following health benefits of it. It is a nitrogen and carbon donor. It also helps restore the glycogen that restores the energy in body. It is one of the most vital elements of muscle protein. It also helps build and repair muscle. Take a look on the benefits of glutamine:

  • It helps you by replenishing decreasing the levels of Glutamine in the body during exercise in the gym.
  • It has been associated with the protein synthesis. To offer Glutamine for your body’s other cells, it prevents the muscle from being catabolized.
  • It also helps maintain hydration and cell volume
  • It also helps maintain the burn healing and recovery and speeding up wound.
  • It may also cure the ulcers! According to recent research, they have discovered that if people eat 1.6 grams of Glutamine a day, then they will have 92% cure rate ability in four weeks.
  • It is very vital nutrients for small intestines. It can ‘repair a leaky gut’.
  • Acocridng to study, it can help you produce HGH. If you take two grams L-Glutamine, then it will improve HGH by 400%.
  • It also maintains the bowels Glutamin’s structural integrity.
  • It also boosts the immune system. For athletes and bodybuilders, it is vital since heavy and intense workouts can reduce the level of Glutamine. So, it is a main source of energy for immune system.

Final verdict

In your body, the white blood cells use the Glutamine. It helps to improve the common immune-system function. Individuals with immune-system and muscle-wasting related issues (like AIDS or cancer) who may not have the ability to produce their own supply of glutamine, then they can use L-Glutamine supplements. By taking it, they can obtain a good amount of amino acids. Losing lean muscle mass or becoming ill are main symptoms of glutamine deficiency.

We hope the above mentioned benefits have convinced you. L-Glutamine is vital for bodybuilders to help prevent metabolism as well as it is good for regular people.